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The Elements of Euclid – Euclid’s 2,000-year-old geometric proofs turned into one of the most curious, peculiar, brilliant books ever printed

The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid
by Oliver Byrne
2013, 396 pages, 8.4 x 10.4 x 1.5
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In 1847, the mathematician Oliver Byrne took the 2,000-year-old geometric proofs by the original Greek genius Euclid, and added color to them. But he also used the color shapes as a kind of hieroglyph in Euclid’s geometric equations. Instead of using letters and symbols as the variables in the proofs (as in “A^2 + B^2 = C^2), he used little pictures of colored shapes (red square + blue square = yellow square). The result is one of the most curious, peculiar, brilliant and beautiful books ever printed. Each page looks more like a painting by Mondrian or a poster for a museum, than mathematics. You could frame each page. In theory, Byrne’s visual scheme makes the geometry lesson easier to follow, but in his time the cost and difficulty of printing a full colored book like this prevented it from being used by students. Few students have ever seen it. This rare, long out-of-print book was only recently reproduced by Taschen. Whether or not it aids students, it is a paragon of book design and a work of art itself. – Kevin Kelly

May 7, 2014


Ray Kroc started McDonalds when he was my age. Nice.

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Early in T/Maker’s life, I was working on a company-defining deal with a major PC manufacturer. We were on track to do about a million in revenue that year: This deal had the potential to bring in another quarter million, plus deliver millions of dollars in the years to come if it went well. It…

Willpower is not a constant — and it can be drained. But it can also be banked. If you design your life so you are not depending on willpower reach your goals, you can make deposits not withdraws

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